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From Surviving to Thriving!

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Why Do I Still Feel This Way?

It was so long ago and I just want to let it go!

I want you to know this is such a common theme we hear, and the same was for me when I suffered my trauma. I was OK, living life as society expected me to, holding a good job, a good social network of friends but I still was connected to that past event and I wondered...

If I was ever going to completely free myself from it?

For me, it took me almost 15 years after the attack to stumble across this amazing technique. And then just like that I could talk about and think about that event and have no negative emotion connected to it. And the ripple effects on other behaviours I had from that event were no longer there, they had just disappeared and I was finally free to live my life without that event continuing to have any impact whatsoever!

I wonder what this would mean for you. How would you feel different, what would you immediately feel free to do that till now you had been holding back because of that past event?

This is where we specialize in helping you.

Have you or someone you know experienced trauma and wants to go from surviving to Thriving?

If you answered yes, then you are not alone. And you are at the right place.

Many survivors of trauma report the ever lasting negative emotions, 5, 10, 20 and 50+ years later which unfairly hold them back from living a full life. Even after seeing traditional forms of therapy and gaining the much needed assistance and resources to understand the event/s and regain the strength to engage in life again, there is very often still the connection to that event. And for me I know I had come to terms with "this is as good as its going to get." That was until I was lucky enough to find this very methodology I now want to share with you and give you the same opportunity to finally resolve the past and be free to live your life, be free to Thrive!

How We Free You From Your Past?

Here is an overview of our 2 step process and how we guide you to free yourself from those negative emotions and start to build a brighter future, with the new you.

1-Breakthrough Session

We meet for 3-5 hours in one sitting either at our consulting suites or over the phone and complete the following stages through a very specific and purposeful guided conversation.


Connect you with how you want it to be in full detail and clarity. This is key for the breakthrough to take place as the brain will search for what we focus on. And for too long it has been the negative, because we have never been taught that what we focus on is what we achieve. Let’s give it something positive to search for and therefore create.


Explore why you have been holding onto this. There is always a positive reason for what we do, as it gives us some benefit. By understanding what that is, we can appreciate what it has done for us and also let it go now and replace it with something empowering to assist you achieving the success you have always dreamt of.


Where and how has this been impacting your life There are patterns which present themselves in different areas of your life. Be it your work, friendships, family or intimate relationships. By identifying them we can break the ones holding you back from the experiences you are wanting and replace them with new ones, which means you will immediately start to create new patterns and therefore new outcomes, the ones you choose for you.


You’re ready for the Breakthrough Sit up and lean in as we guide you through a very specific and guided script, which is designed to release all negative emotions from traumatic events and reconnect your mind and body to their more powerful states. Throughout this whole journey you are in total control, we are simply there to guide and assist the process.


Get totally convinced Once we have completed your Breakthrough, it is important you are absolutely convinced the breakthrough has happened for you. So we take the time to check in one last time.


How has it changed for your future I kind of get this sounds too good to be true, and now you are free from all those old emotions there is total freedom to see it, feel it and hear it exactly how you want it. Our trained professionals guide you through a series of questions which engage your mind to those goals we set earlier and give them even greater clarity. Because the brain will now assist you in making this vision a reality by searching for ways to make it happen.

2-Your Personal Mentor to Create Success and Fulfilment


Our trained coaches / mentors share with you these methodologies and frameworks in a very simple to understand and take on format. At the end of each fortnightly session you will be left with commitments to put your new learnings into play immediately, which means you can discuss the results in your next coaching session and make any adjustments needed.


What next you may be asking? Go and live out the rest of your life at your fullest potential, achieving those amazing goals you set and now have the strategies to achieve.


If you want further guidance and assistance in achieving those goals, we would be humbled to continue to be there with you on the journey through the continuation of the fortnightly coaching / mentoring sessions. Just let your coach / mentor know at the end of your Breakthrough package so there is no pause in your time together, because we want to continue to stack the momentum we have built.

100% Success Rate

At Jakub Wolanski & Associates we are very humbled and pleased to let you know we have 100% success with all our Breakthrough clients.

We share this with you to help you make one of the most important decisions in your life easier.

We get this isn’t the first time you have tried to resolve this and may be asking yourself, “what will be different this time?” And you are absolutely entitled to ask that and this is why we wanted you to know the Breakthrough Program has 100% success.

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From the very early age of seven years old and up until I left home at 13 I experienced sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of my step father. I am now 50 and looking back over the years I have had counseling that focused on the sexual abuse, I have been a participant in general counseling, I have also had work related supervision that has touched on aspects of me and or my behaviors as a direct result of the sexual and psychological abuse that occurred when I was a very young child and a very young adolescent. I have spent many years reading and attending different seminars or learning opportunities such as trying to learn strategies to help me navigate my world.
In hindsight my self confidence has always been very low, my expectations of what I deserve had always been very low. My ability to respect myself has been non existent to point where I would always put others first. My belief in myself under the superficial top layer has always been similar to the belief of my step father that I was not good enough and that I did not belong. Belief that my step father reiterated every chance he could get through his words and actions. He acted as if he believed I was not of great worth so I believed I was not of great worth.
I decided to take up a coaching opportunity with Jakub because I wanted to make significant changes to my life I knew my past was still haunting me I knew that I needed to instigate change not only for myself but also for my children. You see I believe that children will do 30% what you say and 70% of what you do. I want them to have self belief, self confidence and the knowledge that they deserve the very best. I so have not been able to scaffold these learnings with my limited beliefs and protective behaviors that ultimately do not serve me and now do not serve my children.
Even after one session the relief and the release that I experienced from being truly heard and understood in such a safe and non threatening environment gave me the confidence to share information I had never shared with a living sole before. I walked out of his office with a new way of thinking, yes those behaviors I needed to employ as a little seven year old girl worked then, but I no longer need to employ them. I did not own the immense shame anymore miraculously the feelings of great shame has just dissipated into the ethers.
The purpose of sharing my story is to tell other women or men who have been wronged in this manner that there is hope, that you can live your life free of the wrongs that you have experienced.

- Private -

How Much is the Investment for the Breakthrough Package?

At Jakub Wolanski & Associates we value full transparency and give you all the information you need to make the right decision for you, including how much the investment is.

The Breakthrough Package starts at just $997 inc gst. Payment plans are available.

1 x Breakthrough Session1 Month x Coaching / Mentoring Sessions


Jakub Wolanski & Associates are not psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors or other forms of licensed practitioners. If you require this type of assistance please see your GP for a referral. Jakub Wolanski & Associates supports the work of the above mentioned therapies. If you are currently experiencing physical or sexual abuse please call any one of the following services. Jakub Wolanski & Associates are not a legal authority and are not able to protect or assist you.
Emergency LifelineParent LineSuicide HelpKids HelpDomestic Violence
00013 11 1413 22 891300 651 2511800 551 8001800 737 732


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Q & A

1. How do I know if I am ready for the Breakthrough?
Have a private and obligation free chat with one of our trained mentors and we will be upfront and honest with you. We absolutely respect how important this is for you, so we want to get this right.
2. What if this doesn’t work for me?
This is an absolutely valid question, and this is why we have one of our trained mentors approve all clients before we allow them to join. It’s not that the system won’t work for you, it might simply be a matter of timing or some preliminary work beforehand.
3. Can I claim on Medicare or any other healthcare providers?
At this stage there are no forms of rebate or support financially. We are working on this and will keep you posted.
4. I don’t want anyone else to know I am doing this
Your privacy is your right. Jakub Wolanski & Associates are working with you and will only ever contact you via the way you have instructed us to. We will never contact anyone else without your written consent.

The only time this privacy may be broken is if any staff of Jakub Wolanski & Associates is called upon by the court of law and or if we feel you are in any physical or mental danger.
5. I don’t want the attacker to get into trouble?
Jakub Wolanski & Associates and the staff will not contact or notify anyone of your experience without written consent from you. Our purpose is to assist you to free yourself from the negative emotions so you can live your life at its fullest.
6. I am currently being abused, can Jakub Wolanski & Associates help?
No. We at Jakub Wolanski & Associates strongly suggest you contact someone from the list we provided above as they are specialised to assist getting you safe immediately. Jakub Wolanski & Associates is not a law enforcement agency and does not have the power to protect you.

In the immediate recovery process we highly recommend seeing a licensed therapist, at which stage we at Jakub Wolanski & Associates can work side by side with your chosen therapist if you choose to and if the therapist agrees to it.
7. This is not for me, but for a friend or family member. How do I arrange for them to talk to you?
This is both a beautiful and courageous gesture, well done!
No body knows them better than you, so go with your gut on how to broach this opportunity.
We would often suggest setting up a chat, nothing too formal as to alarm them, just so you can arrange some quite time and not be interrupted. Next ask them how they are coping with the impact of their abuse and if they have found any relief since you last spoke about it. Assume they haven’t, then drop into the conversation you came across this group ‘Jakub Wolanski & Associates’ and you checked them out and think they are worth looking at and setting up a private and obligation free consultation.
The key here is to not press too hard and not be disappointed or angry if they reject the idea. It may take a couple of go’s at it or they may contact us without you knowing. Be cool with however they choose to respond. Just make sure you leave our details with them.
If they respond positively, keep going and simply have them call us for that private and obligation free consultation.
8. Does this have to be done face to face or can we do this over the phone / Skype?
The complete Breakthrough Program can be completed either at our Consulting Suites in Melbourne, Australia or over the phone. The results have proven to be the same for our clients.
9. Are you available outside of working hours?
Yes we are. We appreciate the demands of life and we do what we can to assist. We run our breakthrough program, including the follow up coaching sessions 6 days a week, between the hours of 8am to 6pm (both times listed are the start times for the breakthrough sessions. The last coaching sessions start at 9pm as they go for a maximum of 1 hour).

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